Need Caffeine? Try an Apple Instead of Coffee!

Now I'm sure you are thinking, how can an apple replace coffee when it comes to that boost of energy needed to get through the day? While it may seem like I'm pulling your leg, there is a valid explanation as to why an Apple might be a viable alternative for coffee.

An apple can give a person an energy boost but, not because of caffeine. It is because of this extra pep in your step is the fruit sugars inside the apple. The sugar inside apples gives a rush of energy to a person for a certain amount of time. Once a person's burned through that energy though, they are back to feeling drowsy and tired.

However, some people hate the taste of coffee and find it to be too bitter. If you are one of these people, an apple as a sweeter option, just might do the trick and help you keep your energy up. Just remember that to keep your energy high; you need to eat an apple every so often to get more energy, because unlike coffee and caffeine, a sugar rush does not usually last long.

There are truly little other items available in the market with as much caffeine as coffee. As other options for products with caffeine, try drinking black tea or eating some chocolate get help you get some caffeine into your system if you're certainly decided on not drinking coffee. But with these alternatives there are also side effects. Black tea can taste bland and strange if you have not tried it before, while as for chocolate, it can be fattening especially since you need to consume a lot of if just to get the same amount of caffeine that equals one cup of coffee.

Now if you find that access to fresh apples might be out of your way or you simply do not have the time to buy fruits every other day, you can also just buy some packaged fruit juice from the market which you can keep in stock in your home and office. You can also do one more thing to boost your energy in the morning or afternoon without the bitter taste of coffee. You can buy caffeine powder in bulk online. This ensures you still get your caffeine needs for everyday use by simply adding it into the beverage of your choice. While this gives you the best of both worlds, you need to pay attention to the quantity of caffeine powder that you use because a little can go a long way.

Lots of people love drinking coffee and it has become more of a daily ritual for them. For the rest who find they don't favor the taste of coffee, you can eat apples every day when you're starting to feel drowsy to wake up your senses. Caffeine powder in fruit juices or other beverages is also a convenient option especially if you find that ordinary sugars do not give you that longer energy boost you need.

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