Skin care For Females Over 50

When I turned 40, I noticed that the skin on my face really started to change. It was very dry, flaky, tight. Not very nice at all. I went to the local pharmacy, where the salesclerk in the beauty department asked me what I used on my face. I told her soap, she nearly fainted! Oh no, she replied, you can't use SOAP on your face! She proceeded to tell me that at my age (what am I? a dinosaur?) I really needed to use a gentle cleanser, a good daytime moisturizer and a good nighttime moisturizer. So, I left the store with about $100 worth of product.

Well, I must agree that she was correct. I immediately noticed a change in my skin. It was not so dry anymore, some of the flakiness was gone, and some elasticity was returning. So I began to think seriously about skincare. I realized that women, or girls, need to start taking care of their skin at an early age, when NO SIGNS of aging are occurring yet.

Before you decide on which products to buy, you need to know what type of skin you have. Is your skin oily, dry, or a combination of the two, with oil in the t-zone. The first part of your routine is in the morning. You'll want to cleanse the face with a good cleanser. If you have dry skin, look for products that contain sandalwood, rosemary, and carrot seed. For oily skin, go with lemongrass, eucalyptus, and ylang ylang. After cleansing, you would use a toner. Toning helps to rejuvenate the skin and removes any toxins that the cleanser left behind. Toning is also done twice a day, morning and night after cleansing. Lavender water, or juice of aloe vera are supposedly the best toners for normal skin, while aloe vera juice, rose water, or apple cider vinegar in diluted form is good for dry skin. If you have dry skin, stay away from toners with alcohol. Alcohol based toners are good for oily skin.

The next step is moisturizing. For daytime, look for one with SPF of at least 25, and that protects against UVA/UVB rays. Look for ingredients that are occlusive, humectant, or emollient. Occlusives, which include dimethicone, petrolatum, paraffin, and lanolin, form a barrier on the epidermis, preventing water from being lost when the skin is exposed to dry air or wind. Humectants, such as glycerin, sorbitol, sodium hyaluronate, urea, propylene glycol, alpha hydroxy acids, and sugars, attract water into the skin cells, causing the skin surface to swell very slightly - thus temporarily making it appear smoother and free of wrinkles. Emollients fill the spaces between rough or peeling skin cells, smoothing the surface of the skin. Lanolin, mineral oil, and petrolatum are occlusive agents that also serve as emollients.

For night time, you'll want to cleanse and tone again. Then you'll use a good night time cream. The creams for night will be a little heavier than the day time creams, and, of course you do not need the SPF protection.

Jill Dascal
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